Community Housing Assistance Program (CHAP)– The PCCDC CHAP program is designed to work closely with institutions like banks,  the City of Plant City, Hillsborough County, HUD, or other local government that have acquired property that they are having difficulty selling.  These properties, land or homes, may be blighted or in a condition that is not favorable for traditional market rate sales.  PCCDC would work to secure through a gift or through favorable term to acquire the property in order to demolish, or otherwise prepare it for new construction or to be rehabilitated for sale to PCCDC clients. The sale of homes to low and moderate income individuals are tailored to maximize quality construction, home value, and favorable pricing with a minimum return to PCCDC.


    Self-help Housing – PCCDC’s Self-help housing program is conducted in partnership with lenders, the County Affordable Housing Department, and the City. It is specifically designed for Laura Estates to permit low income families eligible for bank credit and County SHIP or HOME down payment assistance to participate in the construction of their home by providing a minimum of 300 hours of labor during the construction phase. Home buyers are required to enroll in PCCDC’s home buyer training program, secure a FTHB Certificate to secure County down payment assistance, remain eligible for the bank loan and the down payment assistance from the County through the completion of the construction phase and final closing.  PCCDC acts as construction manager and partners with the client to construct the major components of the home systems, and provide oversight of the home buyer participants during their 300 hours of labor participation on the construction phase.  PCCDC receives and developer’s fee for the identification, qualifying, assisting in processing through the bank loan approval, and down payment assistance of the prospective new home owners.

   New Construction – PCCDC’s New Construction program is conducted as traditional home development and construction regarding site acquisition, land development, construction financing, and using a general contractor to build a home for sale to a pre-identified and financed prospective

home buyer interested in purchasing a newly built home to pre-established specification.


   First Time Home Buyer (FTHB) Training and Financial Counseling - PCCDC’s FTHB Training and Financial Counseling program provides a venue in which low income individuals interested in home ownership are recruited and provided the rudimentary training to develop their interest, discipline, understanding of housing program, how they work, and the support to achieve the sustainable resolve to do what is required to ultimately become a FTHB.  From the training and counseling sessions, participants go into FTHB classes to earn FTHB certificates that give them two years to find a home and secure lender financing and close on the purchase of their first home.  This program is conducted with PCCDC’s partner, New City Church, and other church partners in Plant City, and Solita’s House – PCCDC’s partner that provides the classes to earn the FTHB certificate.

  Supportive Services – Partnering with Metropolitan Ministries and New City Church:

  • Christmas Turkey’s and Gift Baskets – PCCDC  assists and facilitates the distribution of Christmas Turkey’s and Gift Baskets for 225 individuals or families that annually enroll for the Metropolitan Ministries program in Plant City for the past 5 years.

  • Thanksgiving Turkey Baskets – PCCDC similarly assists and facilitates the distribution of Thanksgiving baskets for 225 individuals and families annually for the past 5 years.